I made this website in the summer of 1995 for Computer Aided Curating, an online curatorial platform created by Eva Grubinger and Thomax Kaulman. The original site used an early version of HTML that is not supported by contemporary browsers. I updated the project in January 2014: in addition to revising the image map HTML code, I added this about page, streamlined the navigation, enlarged the images, and made numerous other minor changes.

Traces of a Constructed City is a visual archive of physical construction sites in central Berlin. Digital images of various sites can be accessed from a clickable image map of Berlin

The construction process is part of a building's life that is often treated more as an annoyance to be ignored than as something aesthetically interesting. The images in this site are intended to serve not as independant aesthetic artifacts but as simple visual documents of ephemeral aesthetic phenomena in the urban landscape. You might hink of them as traces of attentiveness rather than objects of interest.

- Mark Tribe