Ellen Cushing (Brown Daily Herald) 12/13/2009 7:07:49 "Mostly, I'm just wondering who you are."

We are self-aware. We are morons. We are the ones who sexiled you last night. FML. We are occupational. We are occupied. We are occupying. We like this. We are listeners, blunt-heads, fly-ladies, and prisoners. We have the swine. We are the sinus infections. We are the construction…everywhere. We are the questions never asked. We are grateful that we are not our grandfathers and our grandmothers. We doubt that anyone really has the ability to stand up for anything. We are standing up. We are contradictory. We are sad that we are not our grandmothers and grandfathers. We are tired of working. We are old enough to hang ourselves. We are the children of celebrities. We are orphans. We are young enough to leave this place forever. We hope we are remembered. We are not old enough to drink. We are capital. We are the extension you asked for. We are nonsensical. We are elite. We are tired of working. We are S/NC. We mourn for those outside these ivy walls who work and shouldn't have to. We aren't bad people. We are bad actors. We are addicts. We are first generation college students. We are legacies. We are terrified. We are Ol’ Dirty Bastard. We are the entire Wu-Tang Clan. We aren't anything to fuck with. We are $3000 in debt this semester. We need to graduate. We have not slept in three days. We are the stench in the Sci- Li. We are worried about home. We are not on top of our shit. We are all over your shit. We speak in tired metaphors. We are tired of speaking and tired of metaphors. We are still searching for a job. We are the questions never asked. We are asking you to do the same. We are tired of working. We are the system. We won't laugh at all your jokes. We affirm your existence. We are mirrors. We are winning.