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This project was a great opportunity to experience various perspectives of the exhibition making.
Although the selection process without having a specific theme was challenging at the beginning, in the end,
our class successfully managed to create a well-considered space for twenty two artists' works under the title of ART//SHOW.  

I contributed in designing a coherent exhibition identity system, including title type, wall text, poster, and brochure.
I also made a map of the Granoff center for the brochure to help visitors find ways to works outside of the main gallery. 
After listening to two guest critics/curators, Ian Alden Russell(Curator of the Bell Gallery) and Judith Tannenbaum
(Curator of Contemporary Art at the RISD museum), I agreed that we could have worked more on effective
way-finding system for the entire granoff center, if we had allotted more time. 


I was also responsible for the de-installation process. I stayed at the gallery on friday night, saturday afternoon,
sunday afternoon, and monday night to assist artists to pick up their work and keep track of the pick-up process. 
I helped with de-installing some works, getting extra paint rollers and painting few layers, cleaning up project room
on the third floor and a storage room. I checked back on monday and tuesday to make sure all the artists had picked
up their work and the gallery is cleared for the next show.

Collaboration is always challenging--it is more than just coordination and communication, but overall the entire class helped
and contributed to in their own way, which I appreciated very much. 


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