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See the exhibition site here.

It's a facebook profile, with all of the curatorial text on the "Wall," of course.

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Here's the curatorial statement:

What we did: present text-based digital art in an appropriately interactive and ephemeral form.

Why projectors? There is something so final and didactic about the text that is plastered onto the walls of a typical museum exhibition. It is no surprise that these are called "tombstones" by the curatorial and design staff. By projecting the curatorial statement, we want to remove the physical divide between art and supplementary text.

With new media and projection, we have the opportunity to break out of this confine. You could see any of this at home, of course. But then we go to movies in theaters - projectors offer a more exciting and immersive experience.

Why text? Because our relationship to it is transforming so rapidly. We want to explore this through projects that span text innovation, from GRL's transient graffiti to Thomaz's text-based game to Ben Fry's ASCII code where the viewer literally becomes text.

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