The Space Of Emplacement

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Emplacement- Noun- A prepared position for one or more weapons or pieces of equipment, for protection against hostile fire or bombardment, and from which they can execute their tasks.

"The Space of Emplacement" was a curatorial experiment in the program Storyspace. In the attempt to represent "medieval space" it was conceived as a direct download of an aging hypertext program file, using all pre-digital art objects. It was however too medieval to figure out appropriate distribution and as such has been rewritten as a blog.

There are 5 pieces to move through, all of which reflect some aspect of the artist's perception of their larger culture and their participation in that dialogue. The works chosen are deliberately ambiguous in meaning, and though the curator has given some suggestion as to what they might be saying, he does not pretend to know or pretend to be the final authority. The viewer is the final authority, and that's largely the point of this project.

Beginning with the title page, links in the quotations and text portions of each section will lead the viewer from one work to the next. There is no set pathway by which to move, and the choices every user makes will determine the order in which they visit each piece and how many times they'll come back to it. On every page there is a link to every other work, but once one has left the starting point there is no going back.

It is the curator's hope that, as the name entails, "The Space of Emplacement" will provide each piece the opportunity to carry out its task and effect the viewer to whatever degree he or she will allow. The overarching theme is presented in the opening page: quotations from Principles of Psychology and The Divine Comedy, juxtaposed alongside the Statue of Liberty. The Straightforward path is lost. The universe is exactly as one perceives it to be. Lady Liberty either welcomes you or glares down at you authoritatively. Each work selected reflects idea this in an exploration of an aging American trope. By being presented with the issues of racism, gender dynamics, consumerism, and the ever-expanding iconographical lexicon, it is the hope that "The Space of Emplacement" (just like the heterotopia discussed in the essay from which the exhibition takes its name) will force the viewer to reconsider the status of his or her native culture by presenting something that stands uniquely apart from it.


Andrew Lenoir

The new version of this project can be viewed Here

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