The Art of Curating Spring 2013 - Syllabus

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All required readings are in the course packet.

Jan 25: Introduction

Review Course Outline and Syllabus
Look at student work from years past:
+ Rainbow Beauty by Atilio Barreda and Alessandra Castillo
+ The Bad Gallery by Evan Finkle, Cassie Packard and Robert Gordon-Fogelson, 
+ Fair Trade by Liv Fagon, Ana Alvarez and Artemis Stamatiadis
+ OSMOSA by Deborah Abramson, Kiera Feldman, and Davis Jung
+ View More Photos of Taylor (8), by Taylor Friedman

Visit Bell Gallery

Feb 1: What Is Curating?

Pick presentation dates

Tour Granoff w. Chira Delsesto (meet her at 3:30 in room 220)

Wiki Workshop

+ Kate Fowle: "Who Cares: Understanding the Role of the Curator Today," 2007. 
+ Carol Thea: “Here Time Becomes Space: A Conversation with Harald Szeemann,” 2001.
+ Hans-Ulrich Obrist: Interviews with Lucy Lippard, 2007.
+ Mary Jane Jacob, "Making Space for Art," 2007.

Feb 8: Considering the Museum

+ Göran Schildt: "The Idea of the Museum," 1962.
+ Harold Rosenberg: "The Museum Today," 1973.
+ John Fisher: "mUSEums," 1988.
+ Schaffner, Ingrid. "Wall Text," 2007.

Feb 15: Living Room Exhibition Proposals

Feb 22: Institutional Critique

Presentations 1, 2 & 3: Sally Katz, Kat DaSilva, Rachel Shipps

+ Howard S. Becker: "Art as Collective Action," 1974.
+ Julian Stallabrass: "A Zone of Freedom?" 2004.
+ Douglas Crimp: "On the Museum's Ruins," 1980.
+ Alexander Alberro: "Institutions, Critique, and Institutional Critique," 2009.
+ Hennesy Youngman, "Art Thoughtz: Institutional Critique," 2011.

+ Pierre Bourdieu and Alain Darbel, "Cultural Works and Cultivated Disposition," 1969.
+ Gerald Rauning (ed.): Art and Contemporary Critical Practice: Reinventing Institutional Critique, 2009.

March 1: Install Living Room Exhibitions

Presentations 4, 5 & 6: David Lee, Alp Ozcelik, Eli Cohen

Note: living rooms available for installation at 8:30am

March 8: Critique Living Room Exhibitions

Visitor: Dr. Ian Alden Russell, Curator, David Winton Bell Gallery

March 13: Living Room Exhibitions Must be De-Installed by 8pm

March 15: Alternative Spaces

Presentations 7 & 8: Mary Kate Lopiccolo, Layla Heidari

+ Julie Ault: “Of Several Minds Over Time,” 2010.
+ Pablo Helguera: “Alternative Time and Instant Audience (The Public Program as an Alternative Space,” 2010.

Discuss Walking the Line project

March 22: Walking the Line Project Proposals

Mar 29: Spring Break

April 5: Work on Walking the Line Projects

April 12: Curating (New) Media Art

Presentations 9 &10: Celine Katzman, Sylvia Tomayko-Peters, Tiffany Zabludowicz

+ Chrissie Iles, "Keeping Time: On Collecting Film and Video Art in the Museum,” 2007.
+ Joasia Kryza, "Curating Immateriality: The Work of the Curator in the Age of Network Systems," 2006.
+ Steve Dietz, "Curating Net Art: A Field Guide," 2008.

Work on Walking the Line projects

April 19: Install Walking the Line Exhibition in Lower Lobby

Presentations 11 & 12: Isa Muci, Aime Cichero

April 26: Critique Walking the Line Projects/Lower Lobby Exhibition

May 3: De-install Lower Lobby Exhibition

Outline | Resources |Student Work | Mediography | Main Page of Mark's Wiki

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