The Art of Curating Spring 2012 - Student Work

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MCM1700R: The Art of Curating
Spring 2012
Dept. of Modern Culture and Media
Brown University
Prof. Mark Tribe


A juried exhibition organized by the students of The Art of Curating, ART//SHOW includes work by graduate and undergraduate students from Brown and RISD. This curatorial project explores the complex interplay between artistic and curatorial practices. To what extent does the art have autonomy and authorship, and to what extent does each piece function as part of a whole as envisioned by the curator? Respecting the vision of each piece, the show presents a varied yet cohesive collection of artworks that are linked more aesthetically than thematically. The materials that make up this exhibition range from the ephemeral — string and light — to the more concrete — steel and wood. Some works are concerned with the personal, some examine systems that structure 21st century life, and several are tongue-in-cheek. The multiple discourses that ART//SHOW spotlights coexist harmoniously, communicating their respective ideologies without speaking over their peers.


Ethan Zisson - ReProduction

Cassie Packard  Hijack the Ratty 


Robert Gordon-Fogelson - Way-Finding

Stanislava Chyzhykova - Bikers from Thayer Street

Jessica Liss - Public Possession

Stephanie Teo - Underground Economy


Alessandra Castillo Resonance

Caroline Washburn- The Language of Abstraction


Maria Krezia - Come Together

Madeleine Luckel - In Context

Evan Finkle - Epic Fail

Ora Star Boncore - Exposed

Yo-E Ryou - Meditation in the Museum

Atilio Barreda - RAINBOW BEAUTY


Maria Krezia - Plug In & Play Van Abbe

Stanislava ChyzhykovaPresentation: Transverse temporal Gyrus, Animal Collective and Danny Perez


Atilio Barreda II - INFORMATION


Evan Finkle - Presentation - Curating [New] Media

Jessica Liss 54th Venice Biennale - ILLUMInations

Robert Gordon-Fogelson - The 2012 Whitney Biennial

Madeleine LuckelWithout Boundary

Ethan Zisson - Art in the Streets

Alessandra Castillo - Maurizio Cattelan: ALL

Yo-E Ryou - We Are Here


Caroline Washburn- #class


Ora Star Boncore - Art Battles


Maria Krezia, Stanislava Chyzhykova and Yo-E Ryou - Meditation in the Museum

Evan Finkle, Cassie Packard, Robert Gordon-Fogelson - The Bad Gallery

Atilio Barreda Alessandra Castillo - Rainbow Beauty


Jessica LissMadeleine Luckel, Ethan Zisson - Brown Craft & Design Guild: Student Works Sale 


Stephanie Teo, Ora Star Boncore, Caroline Washburn - Language of Abstraction

Outline | Syllabus | Resources | Mediography

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