The Art of Curating Spring 11 - Syllabus

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Course Packet PDF

Feb 1: Introduction

Review Course Outline and Syllabus.
Tour Faculty Triennial at Bell Gallery with Maya Allison.

Stellar student work from years past:
+ Left to Chance by Alexandra Chemla
+ Sight Lines by Kimberly Arcand, Montana Blanco, Craig Dermody, and Micah Salkind
+ Green Screen by Jordan Carter, Joe de Jonge, Amy Lehrburger, and Danielle Sheridan
+ Gallery on Foot by Jack Horkings, Hollis Mickey, Sophia Narrett, and Jeff Sanford
+ OSMOSA by Deborah Abramson, Kiera Feldman, and Davis Jung
+ View More Photos of Taylor (8), by Taylor Friedman Feb 8: Museum History (meet at 135 Thayer, Room 102)

Wiki Workshop
+ Göran Schildt, "The Idea of the Museum," 1962.
+ Harold Rosenberg, "The Museum Today," 1973.
+ John Fisher, "mUSEums," 1988.
Work on Granoff Interventions
Tour "Faculty Triennial" at Bell Gallery with Maya Allison.

Feb 15: Museum Critique (meet at RISD Museum Benefit St. entrance)

Presentation: Zachary Smith.

+ Pierre Bourdieu and Alain Darbel, "Cultural Works and Cultivated Disposition" 1969. Julian Jimarez-Howard
+ Douglas Crimp," 1980.  Sean Feiner
Work on Granoff Interventions
Tour "The Figure: Contemporary Works from the Collection" at RISD Museum with Judith Tannenbaum.

Feb 22: No Class (Long Weekend)

Mar 1: Space and Text

Presentation: Belle Cushing
+ Brian O'Doherty, "Notes on the Gallery Space," 1976.  Joanna Lee
+ Mary Jane Jacobs, "Making Space for Art," 2007.  Ana Cecilia Alvarez
+ Schaffner, Ingrid. "Wall Text." What Makes a Great Exhibition? 2007 Olivia-Jene Fagon
Work on Granoff Interventions
Lecture: Dan Cameron, Prospect New Orleans

March 8: Curators

Presentation:  Artemis Stamatiadis
+ Fowle, Kate. "Who Cares: Understanding the Role of the Curator Today." Cautionary Tales, 2007. Artemis Stamatiadis
+ Carolee Thea: “Here Time Becomes Space: A Conversation with Harald Szeemann.” Sculpture Magazine. Maud Doyle
+ Hans-Ulrich Obrist: Interviews with Walter Hopps and Lucy Lippard. Samantha Clark

March 12 (Saturday): Field trip to NYC

March 15: Critique first curatorial project

Lecture: Artist/curator Jackie Saccoccio with Yvonne Force Villareal and Doreen Remen of Art Production Fund

March 22: Curious Propositions and Walking the Line

Discuss Curious Propositions and Walking the Line as a class and in groups
Lecture: Joao Ribas, MIT List Visual Art Center

Mar 29: No Class (Spring Break)

April 5: Alternative Spaces

Presentations: Ana Alvarez & Olivia Fagon
+ Julie Ault: “Of Several Minds Over Time,” 2010. Taiyang (Sunny) Chen
+ Pablo Helguera: “Alternative Time and Instant Audience (The Public Program as an Alternative Space,” 2010. Kathryn Sonnabend
Discuss Walking the Line proposals

April 12: (New) Media

Presentation: Sean Feiner
+ Chrissie Iles, "Keeping Time: On Collecting Film and Video Art in the Museum,” 2007. Zachary Allen Smith
+ Steve Dietz, "Curating Net Art: A Field Guide," 2008. Belle Cushing
Presentation on the Magic Lantern Cinema by Paige Sarlin and Josh Guilford
Lecture: RoseLee Goldberg, Performa

April 19: Relational Aesthetics

Presentations: Samantha Clark & Kathryn Sonnabend
+ Nicholas Bourriaud, “Relational Aesthetics,” (excerpts), 1998. Olivia-Jene Fagon
+ Claire Bishop, “Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics,” 2004. Zachary Allen Smith
Recommended Reading:
+ Brad Trommel: "[IMG MGMT] What Relational Aesthetics Can Learn From 4Chan," 2010.
Visit:Ian Russell & Dennis McNulty

April 26: Pedagogy

Presentations: Joanna Lee & Sunny Chen
+ Irit Rogoff: Turning Sean Feiner
+ Dave Beech: Weberian Lessons: Art, Pedagogy and Materialism Samantha Clark

May 3: Neoliberalism and Immaterial Labor

Walking the Line projects must be complete
Presentations: Maud Doyle & Julian Jimarez-Howard
+ Pascal Gielen, “The Biennale: A Post-Institution for Immaterial Labor,” 2009. Belle Cushing
+ Julian Stallabrass, "A Zone of Freedom?" 2004. Artemis Stamatiadis

May 10: Walking the Line

Critique Walking the Line projects
Course evaluations

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