Stephanie Teo

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Curating Presentation: MOCA & Lee Mingwei

Granoff Exhibition

Exhibitions at museums typically require months of planning, while our execution process was compressed down to a few weeks. This made me realize how the bureaucracy of formalized institutions significantly slow down the process of art sharing, but at the same time, does urgency compromise the artwork due to inadequate presentation? Overall, I was very impressed by how professional our exhibition ART//SHOW looked, and believe that we did do the work we selected, justice.

Interestingly, I was also one of two students working on the Student art show at the Bell gallery, organized by the Visual Arts Department and occurring simultaneously. I organized the closing receptions, for the Brown student show and for our show, and appreciated the amount of creative freedom I was given in the latter. I wanted to be cohesive and simple to complement the work. I chose a cream color theme, for the tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins, and rectangular platters. I baked a variety of mini baked goods, in a way, to mirror the handmade aspect of artwork in the show. A reception can add a fourth dimension to an art exhibition, as a physical duration when artists and the audience interact and experience the artwork together. This class continues to inform and complicate my understanding of contemporary art. I am interested how attending a reception, aside from enjoying libations, can further engage the viewer and become part of critical art practice. 

Curious Proposition- underground economy

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