Stanislava Chyzhykova

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Curious Proposition

Presentation: Transverse temporal Gyrus, Animal Collective and Danny Perez


I believe that Art of Curating is one of the most practical courses I have taken at Brown. The learning curve has been extremely steep for me since I had a chance to get involved in all aspects of curatorial practice. The show appeared as a great learning opportunity for me, and I took advantage of it. Although my direct responsibilities included overseeing the design and solicitation of posters, drafting of the press release and getting attention of the press, I stepped beyond these responsibilities, and assisted in other organizational matters. 

I created ART//SHOW facebook page to promote the exhibition through social media channels. I took pictures during class and the installation to update our facebook page regularly, and show the behind-the-scene-photos. I also got in touch with the Clerestory blog and Indy that published little write-ups about the show. I also met with a BDH journalist to present/discuss the show. In addition I announced the show opening through Brown Morning Mail. I oversaw the poster design, distributed the posters on campus, and printed out the brochures. I also got a notebook for visitors to leave their feedback on the show. 

Besides, I helped Alessandra with the installation. Together we made a decision to put the photography series outside the Cohen gallery. Also we chose the location for several other art works, put several art pieces up on the wall and stuck the introductory vinyl wall texts. 

After the opening I showed up in the gallery once a day to make sure the videos were working, the neon lights were on and the show functioned properly. 

The show has been made possible thanks to the collaborative efforts of all fourteen curators. Everyone made himself/herself available and assisted with tasks that went beyond his/her direct responsibilities. We communicated quite effectively and successfully and worked in a team. I wish more people were involved in the installation, and spent more time at the Granoff. Being on site was crucial, since all the important and practical decisions were made there. It was also a great opportunity to get to know the other curators. 


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