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Granoff Exhibition

I was responsible for organizing the content and production of the wall text for the Granoff exhibition, titled ART//SHOW. At our meeting on Tuesday March 21st, about a week before the opening, I delegated some of the tasks associated with the wall text. Cassie took on the task of drafting the introductory wall text. I proofread this before it was forwarded to Yo-E for layout design and eventual printing (as a sticker at Alphagraphics). At this same meeting we made decisions regarding the brochure. It was to be half-page printed on thick stock paper, with introductory text on one side and a elevation map with the artists' names on the reverse side. Atillio and Yo-E were tasked with drawing up the map, organizing the layout, and getting the brochures printed. I was left with the wall labels, which I drafted and designed over the course of a week. I compiled a list of the information needed from each artist (which included the artist's school and year, title, date, medium, dimensions, and a short description - no longer than 75 words). I edited these descriptions so that they would be consistent throughout in terms of voice, tone, etc. I e-mailed each wall label to its respective artist for their review, and made requested alterations. The Monday before the opening of the show I printed the labels on a laser printer and spray-mounted them onto pieces of museum board. The following day we mounted the wall labels during class time.

I learned a good deal about wall text throughout the process. In retrospect, I would have chosen a lower ply museum board - the 8-ply looked nice but was difficult to cut. A 4-ply would have sufficed. Next time I would also try mounting the text on the museum board first and then cutting the labels to size. This would probably have provided a cleaner edge.

Being in charge of wall text, I also feel responsible in part for the lack of way-finding. I should have better utilized the design of the wall text in establishing a visual cohesion throughout the show. This would have made it easier to find the 3 video works and installation piece that were located outside of the Cohen Gallery.

Presentation: 2012 Whitney Biennial

Curious Propositions: Way-Finding

Walking the Line: The Bad Gallery

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