Pink Elephants

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This exhibition explores the themes of the circus spectacle, hallucination, and the boundary between the real and extraordinary. A scene from the Walt Disney classic, Dumbo, was chosen and adapted to Strobe by Deadmau5. This scene, "Pink Elephants on Parade," is a segment in which an intoxicated Dumbo and his mouse friend hallucinate, seeing a vision of pink elephants forming patterns and visual transformations reminiscent of Oskar Fischinger's abstract video art. The original score, which includes lyrics, would be removed and replaced with Strobe in order to heighten the hallucinogenic quality of the piece, removing a connection to reality related to language. The video would be installed inside of a small, black circus tent structure built into the living space. The viewer would walk into the tent and see the work projected on the black fabric. A neon velvet rope would separate the viewer from the spectacle in front of them, and a victorian style chair would be placed in the center of the room, both working to enhance the position of the audience (reality) in relation to the work (extraordinary). The installation would envelope the viewer, while also creating an odd interplay between the physical separation from the spectacle and the engrossing quality of its hallucinogenic imagery. 

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