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Meditation in the Museum

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Meditation in the Museum is a performative intervention to enrich a visitor’s experience by fostering mindfulness. Visitors walk through museum galleries, unconsciously or consciously, following a certain provided guidance. By transforming the space into a meditative and immersive environment, we hope to offer visitors a chance to leave judgments and preconceived notions at the door and freely enjoy their own connection with the work of art.

We would like to invite you to participate in meditation and to a post-meditation program, which would allow you to express anything and everything you have experienced throughout the process of mindfulness in the art space.


Pre-Meditation: A guided meditation

Meditation: Meditating the art work

Post-meditation: Sharing the experience with three words and/or drawing


For our final assignment "walking the line" i collaborated with Yo-e Ryou and Stanislava Chyzhykove in a curatorial project, Mediataion in the Museum.

Our goal was to bring mindfullnes to a space where art is experienced by creating an alternative space within the museum.

Our process consisted of several meeting in which we discussed what we were trying to achieve and how to go about it.

We delineated the tasks nessecary to our project and started implementig our ideas.

First we wrote a short text explaining what we were doing and contacted the RISD museum. We kept a dialogue with the museum throughout the project.

We reserved the space for three specific times and dates and participated in the Big Draw at th eRisd museum.

We emailed people we wanted to participate the first session and the second and third session we conducted for people who were at the Big Draw. The museum had included our project  "Drawing on Meditation" on their events brochure.

We arranged to borrow cushions from the contemplative department at risd and store then in the closet adjacent t the gallery space. After our sessio swe returned the cushions.

We printed signs to and posters informing visitors and the general public about the event. 

During every session Yo-e documented the process via camera, photo and video. She later created a website based on all the material we had accumulated and created a video invitation. 

Our first session took place in the Painting Air Gallery by Spencher Finch. After the meditation we aked people to write down tree words that came to their mind and or draw something. During post metitation whih took place in a discussion room near the 20th century gallery, we asked them to share the words they wrote down and created a map. We aked them what their impression was of the session and if they had any suggestion sthat would improve the experience. 

Our second and third sessions were onducted on the day of the Big Draw and hence we asked people to simply draw something after the meditation while keetping an awareness of their breath and observation. Our  second session took place in the Painting Air Gallery and the third in the Budha room on the fifth floor. 

We documented all the drawings that were produced as part of our session.


Video Invitation 


Video Documentation



Drawing on Meditation (RISD Museum The Big Draw Day)

3 Word Responses


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