Madeleine Luckel

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Projects (each has a link)

  • Granoff Exhibition: ART//SHOW 
    •  Alessandra Castillo and I were in charge of installation for the Granoff Exhibition
    • Thursday 2/23 we met with both Cristian Poules and Amber (with Greg and Chira) to discuss how their installations could be installed in Granoff.  Earlier in the week we had met with Chira, Greg, etc to go through update them on the classes selection of work and any issues we thought we might have
    • we emailed artists through the google group about a variety of issues, such as necessary meetings, missing info about their work (e.g. dimensions) and specific installation requirements.  Alessandra had made a spreadsheet of the Artists' info and I had edited down the submission powerpoint to use as a reference.
    • Thursday afternoon we had a brief meeting with other classmates, but Friday afternoon and evening is when we starting discussing/making decisions on where works should be placed in the gallery
    • Saturday I came at noon to be there for when Amber and Christian arrived.  Both these artists needed the full weekend to instal thier pieces.  
    • Saturday till around 4 other students and I discussed further where to hang pieces and starting installing.  Other artists came to intal their work as well (this included the map piece, skratchbord work, and small cut paper series.  We started hanging up both photo series
    •  I stayed till about 6 to help artists installing their own work in case issues cam up
    • Sunday I opened at 12 or Christian and Amber.  Raine came by to discuss the placement of "I Remember Facts" which was moved to the outer wall, and Chris cam and painted his podium
    • at around 1:30 Alessandra came and took over.  I next worked on the installation tuesday during class.  We decided the final placement of the 3d works in the gallery and dealt with small technical issues with podiums, batteries, videos etc.  
    • Wednesday night I came back help with lighting, which Ethan Zisson did.
    • I learned a lot of practical experience and gained a better understanding for what a time consuming process installation can be.  I really enjoyed interacting with the artists and discussing their work, as well as figuring out where pieces should go - trouble shooting based on proximity to other pieces and the logistics of hanging.  The entire process was very interactive with other students in the class, and it was rewarding to see what we had accomplished.
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