Jeff Sanford

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Online Exhibition : "Art's Books"

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This online curatorial project (hosted at presents
works by artists who depict books. Nina Katchadourian, Rachel Whiteread,
and Steve Wolfe are the primary subjects, but related artists abound--as I've
discovered in the past three weeks. Click the title above, or visit




Final Proposal : Museum on Legs

The document here is a rough slide presentation which outlines my final project proposal.The proposal is for a flash-mob type museum in which volunteers arrive on a site @ a time, each carrying a photo or other documentation of an art piece and knowing enough about the piece to answer questions with docent-like or wall-text-basic information.

Curatorial Project : The Gallery on Foot

The Gallery on Foot performed its Documentation Show in early May of 2010. In a group of a dozen volunteers, the Gallery carried documented artworks through downtown Providence and the College Hill area.

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