High Cascades

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High Cascades

By Craig Dermody

This project uses The World Wide Web Consortium source code as a site for the exhibition of web-based artworks. Physically speaking, the show explores the ways in which web art is exhibited and contextualized. Each work is installed directly into the page. The source notes at the beginning of the code for each page are utilized as wall tags. The works all contribute, in some way, to newly formed dialogues within art as it is conceived and experienced online. This is done with ambitions to provide new perspectives and visual frameworks for experiencing the Internet.

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Some notes before viewing*:

-For the timely purposes of this viewing, I would encourage viewers to not stray further than one linked page away from the homepage at all times, as they may find themselves running too far off into broken links. This is not necessarily true for all pages within the exhibition, but for the most part it is a good rule of thumb. A useful way to see if you've extended outside of the exhibition is to check the page source (See below for examples*). If your browser returns code like this when doing so...

Unable to render embedded object: File (Picture 16.png) not found.
...then, you have stepped outside the exhibition.

-Wall tags can also be viewed by calling the page's source code. This may be done by using your browser's hot key commands (command+u for Firefox, option+command+u for Safari), or by simply selecting View->Page Source in your browser toolbar. (See below for examples*)

-Due to the nature of the exhibition's installation, various browsers will generate different viewing results. The recommended browser is Safari, but others have proven to generate their own unique experience.

Documentation Images:

Code was taken from this site: Unable to render embedded object: File (Picture 15.png) not found.
...and placed into here: Unable to render embedded object: File (Picture 14.png) not found.
...to create this:

Unable to render embedded object: File (Picture 13.png) not found.

*Page source examples:

page source example in Safari:

Unable to render embedded object: File (doc2.jpg) not found.

page source example in Firefox:

Unable to render embedded object: File (doc1.jpg) not found.

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