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Timeline for Student Work Exhibition at the Granoff

Feb 5: Send/post call for work

Feb 7: Assign responsibilities, begin proactively soliciting submissions

Feb 12: Submission deadline

Feb 14: Select work

  • Make models of the exhibition spaces in the Granoff: Sketchup? Physical models?
  • Figure out what goes where, roughly
  • Determine installation requirements: mounting hardware, tools, technology
  • Organize info from the artists for wall labels and catalogue: name, concentration, title, medium, description
  • Write and edit wall labels, wall txts, take-aways
  • Start working on online catalogue

Feb 21: No class

Feb 22: Installation begins

  • Artists deliver work to Granoff (need to figure out storage)
  • Determine placement of work
  • Start installing work
  • Produce wall labels, wall texts, take-aways
  • Send out invitations to reception

Feb 28: Finish installation

  • Adjust lighting
  • Place wall labels, wall texts, signage, catalogue

Mar 6: Critique

  • Plan reception

March 8 or 9: closing reception

Mar 11: Deinstallation complete by 11pm

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