Granoff Responsibilities

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Submissions: Atilio
+ Draft call for work
+ Design and produce poster
+ Draft and distribute email
+ Coordinate solicitation of work

Selection: Jessica
+ Organize and prepare submissions
+ Devise preselection and selection processes
+ Coordinate preselection
+ Coordinate selection
+ Notify artists

Modeling: Ethan
+ Make gallery models
+ Facilitate use of models to plan exhibition

Art Handling: Maria
+ Take delivery of work
+ Temporary storage
+ Coordinate pickup/return of work

Installation: Alessandra
+ Determine installation requirements: hardware, tools, media technology
+ Obtain required hardware, tools, technology
+ Coordinate and assist installation

Registration: Cassie
+ Register work upon delivery
+ Give artist a receipt
+ Deregister work upon pickup

Gallery Text: Rob
+ Wall labels
+ Wall texts
+ Take aways

Outreach: Stas
+ Design, print, and distribute exhibition poster
+ Draft and distribute email announcement
+ Draft press release
+ Send press release to BDH, Indy, etc.
+ Field inquiries

Reception: Stephanie
+ Design, print, and distribute invitation
+ Plan closing reception
+ Coordinate reception
+ Coordinate cleanup

Documentation: Ora
+ At least one image of each work
+ Audio recording as needed
+ Installation views
+ Video walk-through

Catalogue: Caroline
+ Design Google site
+ Write all catalogue-specific text
+ Add gallery text and documentary media (images and video)
+ Link to catalogue from wiki

Deinstallation: Yo-e
+ Coordinate deinstallation of work
+ Ensure that galleries are returned to original condition

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