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ART//SHOW - Maria Krezia


I was in charge of the drop off and pick up of the artwork for the show.

I set up three different times on three separate dates or the artists to drop off their work.

I also made final selections of art of the artists that had multiple pieces submitted. I then notified the artists about which piece had been selected. In addition I coordinated with Alessandra about which artists wanted to install their own work in order to arrange times for them to come in and install.

Upon drop off I made sure they filled out the registration forms that Cassie had prepared, as well as answer any questions they may have. In addition to the questions I also took down and specific instructions for installation or operation of their piece.

Drop off was on Wednesday 2/22 from 2.30 to 5:30 pm, Thursday 2/23 from 12.30 to 3.30pm and on Friday 2/24 from 11 to 1.30pm.

On Saturday I was in the gallery from 1 to 4 pm. I helped in the deciding where some the artwork would be placed; I hang up two photo pieces and received two more art drop offs. I also made sure that the artists installing had registered (who were also dropping off at the same time).

On Tuesday I helped with installing the Plexiglas pieces, helped with fixing and painting one of the podiums and also assisted in placing the wall texts for the respective artwork (that involved placing the card, leveling and measuring).

 Further contribution to the show includes emailing the artists about the closing reception and arranging for the artist to pick up their artwork. There are two options, one on Friday 3/9 from 5 to 11pm and on Saturday from 12 to 6pm. Any of the artist unable to make it over the weekend were notified to pick up their work from the storage closet located inside the gallery on Monday 3/12.

I attended the closing reception and briefly helped with the set up.

On Saturday, 3/10, Caroline and I work on the de-installation. We removed anything left on the walls and then applied putty on all the holes. We de-installed the string piece in the project room on the third floor and returned all the materials to the storage room.We removed at all the nails on the walls, cut the string, cleared the boards from the windows, took down the shelf-projector-dvd player. Then we applied putty to all the walls where there were holes. I also helped two artists pick their work and emailed the artists that had not come by to do so.


Being in charge of coordinating the drop off of artwork  I had the opportunity to meet all the artists. That was particularly rewarding as I was able to put a face to the art and able to engage into conversation with the artists. At the closing reception I spoke to a few of the artists about the show and got positive feedback. Getting to meet the artists might be ver helpful in the future if I were to curate another exhibition.

The entire experience of the exhibition was very informative and helpful in understanding the process of curating, the necessary steps to organizing a well thought out exhibition and having first hand experience.

In my opinion the fact that we were 14 curators was a positive thing and at times a negative thing. First the plurality helped in delineating the tasks at hand. Secondly everyone insight came to form a final picture that few alone would not have managed so well. It also made the selection much more eclectic and varied which I appreciated.

On the other hand it was a bit hard to sustain a clear communication at all time as far as getting everyone to meet and help without with the physical tasks.

In the end the show was very much a success that everyone contributed to in their own way. The positive feedback from the visiting curators and the artists was very encouraging for any future endeavors that I may undertake.

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