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ART//SHOW was our first project for MCM1700R: The Art of Curating. We had approximately 6 weeks from our first class to the opening of the show and only with the help of all fourteen students was this show put up successfully. Originally with only twelve slots in the class, twelve categories were established as things that were necessary to be look at and performed to some extent to put on a successful. Categories like Selection, Installation, Deinstallation and Outreach where largely a group effort with many hands on deck all being directed by one student put in charge of the task. Other categories like Catalogue, Documentation, Wall Texts, Art Handling, and others, were done more by an individual who made it there responsibility for all tasks with in the subsection.

The process for the production of this show could be likened to a time lapse of ants putting together a puzzle. Sometimes it was messy, and communication between members of the class was poor; people would be doing work at different times on the same thing working in opposite direction of each other. However when everything aligned on the occasional meeting in person, all the cogs meshed and things took off. Emails would zip back and forth between The Wall Text, Outreach, and Cataloguers who all were working on the shows statement; there was always talk between Art Handling, Registration, and Installers who needed to know when work would be arriving. When things clicked, a lot got accomplished.

My Role in the class was unique in that I did not have a set role, as I was one of the last two people accepted into the course. My particular skills set allowed me to work primarily with Jess and Rob acting as a liaison between them and the artists, and also with Alessandra, Madeleine and Ethan on Installation which included both the physical installation of pieces (hanging frames, cleaning the gallery, etc) as well as curating the space. As this was one of the larger categories, a lot of other people certainly where involved and helped out with the installation. I also put quite a few hours into the deinstallation removing works, wall texts, spackling and painting walls, and lastly I created a survey for all the artists asking for feedback for our show to see how we did. All in all the experience was a good one and I've learned quite a bit from the experience

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