Granoff Exhibition (Ora)

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Curator's Statement

ART//SHOW suggests the complex interplay between artistic and curatorial practices. To what extent does the art have autonomy and authorship, and to what extent does each piece function as part of a whole as envisioned by the curator?

ART//SHOW is a juried exhibition comprised of graduate and undergraduate work from Brown and RISD students. Respecting the vision of each piece, the show presents a varied yet cohesive collection of artworks that are linked more aesthetically than thematically. The materials that make up this exhibition range from the ephemeral--string and light-to the more concrete--steel and wood. Some works are concerned with the personal, some examine systems that structure 21st century life, and several are tongue-in-cheek. The multiple discourses that ART//SHOW spotlights coexist harmoniously, communicating their respective ideologies without speaking over their peers.

Division of Labor

Unfortunately, I had the extreme misfortune of having the flu really badly when ART // SHOW went up, so I wasn't able to help with the installation process. However, I made up for my absence from installing by helping execute the Closing Reception and documenting the closing for the website. I took most of the photos present on the website. I was also present for most of the deinstallation process.

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