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Curatorial Statement 

Part barter, part auction, part happening, through Fair Trade artists of all mediums will be asked to trade their work with participants for anything besides money in a large-scale one-time swap. In the context of the almost non-existent market for student work, Fair Trade seeks to provide an exchange meant to supplement this lack, while commentating on the viability of an ‘art market’ itself and the problematic monetary determination of art’s worth. The practice of bartering, and its exclusion of art’s dollar value, has always found resonance and practice within the art community, in which carving out innovative ways to sustain creative production regardless of economic stability or market value is often times how artists subsidize their artistic production. Fair Trade attempts to explore the worth and value of a piece of art when the terms of exchange are determined by those who have created it; a value that is intimately, if not practically, tied to what they need and what they want. Fair Trade hopes to create an exchange that exceeds the monetary, and in doing so also create a temporary market for the exchange and appreciation of art.

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