Ethan Zisson

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Brown Craft & Design Guild: Student Works Sale

ReProduction - Curious Proposition

Art in the Streets 3-14-2012


I was in charge of modeling for Art//Show. Initially, this entailed producing a model of the gallery space to help design the exhibition's layout. I made the model; however, art work and the gallery space were immediately available and the class took to actually standing in the space rather than looking at my model (1':0.5"). Once art work arrived, I joined the discussion in the gallery and helped decide where to place groupings of work. I was there over the installation weekend and made sure all of the artists who came to help install had all the right tools (drills, pliers, screwdrivers). Once the show was hung, I climbed up on the ladder and positioned every light in the room. I was also there for deinstallation on Friday and helped take down the installation piece in the gallery, piece by piece. I did the all of the spackling outside, and the next day came in and sanded the spackling inside and painted the long wall. It was really cool how well we all installed and deinstalled as a group with no real hierarchy and I hope future exhibitions I'm a part of will go as smoothly.  

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