Curating Contemporary Art Spring 10 - Syllabus

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Unless otherwise indicated, all readings are in the course packet.

Feb 2: Introduction

Stellar student work from years past:
+ New Climates by Shane Brennan DEAD LINK
+ Watching War by Shane Brennan, Jessie Chaney, Taylor Friedman, Anna Hermann, Alexis Lowry and Alexandra Trustman DEAD LINK
+ OSMOSA by by Deborah Abramson, Kiera Feldman, and Davis Jung
+ Left to Chance by Alexandra Chemla
+ Craft++ by Danielle DesBordes
+ Curator by Evan Donahue

Feb 9: Curatorial Positions

Reading ([download PDF|^WeekTwoCoursePacket.pdf]):
+ Ho, Christopher K. "What is an Independent Curator?" ARCO 30, Winter 2003. Maria Krezia
+ Levi Strauss, David. "The Bias of the World: Curating After Szeemann & Hopps." Cautionary Tales, 2007. Daniela Postigo
+ Fowle, Kate. "Who Cares: Understanding the Role of the Curator Today." Cautionary Tales, 2007. Isabelle Kirkham-Lewitt & Amy Lehrburger
+ Groys, Boris. "On the Curatorship." Art Power, 2008. Ryan Wong & Danielle Sheridan
+ Recommended: Thea, Carolee. "Here Time Becomes Space: A Conversation with Harald Szeemann." Sculpture Magazine, June 2001 - Vol.20 No.5.

Online Exhibition Studio
Lecture Series: Jay Brown

Feb 16: Outside the Box

+ Cook, Sarah. "Immateriality and Its Discontents." New Media in the White Cube and Beyond, 2008. Jeffery Sanford & Micah Salkind
+ Paul, Christiane. "Challenges for a Ubiquitous Museum." New Media in the White Cube and Beyond, 2008. Jordan Carter & Andrew Lenoir
+ Dietz, Steve. "Curating Net Art: A Field Guide." New Media in the White Cube and Beyond, 2008. Sarah Mickey & Ariel Hudes

Online Exhibition Studio
Wiki Workshop

Feb 23: No Class (Long Weekend)

Mar 2: Variability, Collaboration, Distributed Networks

+ Ippolito, Jon. "Death by Wall Label." 106-134. New Media in the White Cube and Beyond, 2008. Kimberly Arcand & Craig Dermody
+ Diamond, Sara. "Participation, Flow, and the Redistribution of Authorship: The Challenges of Collaborative Exchange and New Media Curatorial Practice." 135-162. New Media in the White Cube and Beyond, 2008. Sophia Narrett & Evelyn Hair
+ Krysa, Joasia. "Distributed Curating and Immateriality." 87-105. New Media in the White Cube and Beyond, 2008. Yanely Espinal & Montana Blanco

Online Exhibition Critique: Jack Horkings, Daniela Postigo, Lydia Magyar, Micah Salkind, Amy Lehrburger

March 9: Sociological Perspectives

+ Bourdieu, Pierre and Alain Darbel. "Cultural Works and Cultivated Disposition" and "Conclusion." The Love of Art, 1969. Jack Horkings
+ Becker, Howard S. "Art Worlds and Collective Activity." Art Worlds, 1982. Isabel Parkes

Online Exhibition Critique: Ryan Wong, Danielle Sheridan, Jeffrey Sanford, Leo "Kazi" Brotz, Kimberly Arcand

March 16: Curating and Immaterial Economy

+ Stallabrass, Julian. "A Zone of Freedom?" Art Incorporated, 2004. Daniela Postigo
+ Vishmidt, Marina. "Twilight of the Widget: Notes on Immateriality and Value." Curating Immateriality, 2006. Lydia Magyar
+ Scholz, Trebor. "The Participatory Challenge." Curating Immateriality, 2006. Joseph de Jonge
+ Slater, Josephine Berry. "Unassignable Leakage: A crisis of Measure and Judgement in Immaterial (Art) Production." Curating Immateriality, 2006. Leo "Kazi" Brotz

Online Exhibition Critique Andrew Lenoir, Hollis Mickey, Ariel Hudes, Jordan Carter, Craig Dermody

Optional Lecture: Nato Thompson, Chief Curator, Creative Time + Abigail Satinsky, Founding Member of inCUBATE +  Patricia Phillips,*Dean of   Graduate Studies, RISD. *Sunday, March 21, RISD Museum  2:30pm  Michael P. Metcalf Auditorium, Chace Center, RISD Museum, 20 North Main Street

March 23: Feminist Perspectives

+ Duncan, Carol. "Introduction" and "The Modern Art Museum: It's a Man's World." Civilizing Rituals, 1995. Ryan Wong
+ Deepwell, Katy. "Feminist Curatorial Strategies and Practices Since the 1970s." New Museum Theory and Practice, 2006. Danielle Sheridan

Mar 30: No Class (Spring Break)

April 6: Exhibition Proposals

Present Exhibition Proposals

April 13: Space and Text


+ O'Doherty, Brian. "Notes on the Gallery Space." Inside the White Cube, 1976. Jeffery Sanford
+ Jacobs, Mary Jane. "Making Space for Art." What Makes a Great Exhibition? 2007. Micah Salkind
+ Schaffner, Ingrid. "Wall Text." What Makes a Great Exhibition? 2007. Jordan Carter

Online Exhibition Critique: Sophia Narrett, Andrew Lenoir, Yanely Espinal, Montana Blanco, Isabel Parkes, Joseph de Jonge

Final Exhibition Groups

April 20: Museology

+ Crimp, Douglas. "On the Museum's Ruins." October, No. 13. 1980. Andrew Lenoir
+ Bennett, Tony. "The Exhibitionary Complex." Thinking About Exhibitions, 1996. Sarah Mickey
+ Bal, Mieke. "The Discourse of the Museum." Thinking About Exhibitions, 1996. Ariel Hudes
+ Krauss, Rosalind. "Postmodernism's Museum Without Walls." Thinking About Exhibitions, 1996. Kimberly Arcand

Group Project Studio: discuss detailed plans

Lecture Series: Ana Paula Cohen, Adjunct curator of the 28th Bienal de São Paulo, 6:30pm   List Art Center, 64 College Street, Room 120

April 27: Curating Artists

+Tiravanija, Rirkrit. "Interview 2007." On Curating, 2009. Craig Dermody
+ Karp, Ivan and Fred Wilson. "Constructing the Spectacle of Culture in Museums." Thinking About Exhibitions, 1996. Sophia Narrett

Lecture Series: Dara Greenwald,  Artist and Independent Curator, 6:30pm Michael P. Metcalf Auditorium, Chace Center, RISD Museum, 20 North Main Street

May 4: Collecting

+ Iles, Chrissie. "Keeping Time: On Collecting Film and Video Art in the Museum." Collecting the New, 2007. Isabel Parkes
+ Desai, Vishakha N. "Beyond the 'Authentic-Exotic': Collecting Contememporary Asian Art in the Twenty-first Century." Collecting the New, 2007. Yanely Espinal
+ Stokes Sims, Lowery. "Collecting the Art of African Americans at the Studio Museum in Harlem: Positioning the 'New' from the Perspective of the Past." Collecting the New, 2007. Montana Blanco

Lecture Series: Helen Molesworth Chief Curator, ICA Boston, 6:30pm Michael P. Metcalf Auditorum, Chace Center, RISD Museum, 20 North Main Street

May 11: Group Project Critique

Lecture Series: Debra Singer, Executive Director and Chief Curator, The Kitchen,  6:30pm Michael P. Metcalf Auditorium, Chace Center, RISD Museum,  20 North Main Street

May 18: Group Project Critique

Outline | Resources | Student Work | Production Two Manual | Mediography

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