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Articles and Books

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Connor, Michael. "Raiders of the Lost ArtBase," 2005.

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Film and Video

Acconci, Vito. Theme Song, 1973.

Acconci, Vito. Undertone. 1972.

Birnbaum, Dara. Technology Transformation: Wonder Woman, 1978.

Blumenthal, Lya. Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction, 1987.

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Cokes, Tony. Black September, 2003.

Cokes, Tony. Pause, 2004.

Cokes, Tony. Shrink, 2004.

Fusco, Coco and Paula Heredia. The Couple in the Cage: A Guatinaui Odyssey, 1993.

Look. Dir. Adam Rifkin. Captured Films, 2007.

Leger, Fernand and Dudley Murphy. The Ballet Mècanique, 1924.

Nauman, Bruce. Bouncing in the Corner #1, 1968.

Nauman, Bruce. Violin Turned D.E.A.D., 1968.

Rivera, Alex. Papapapa, 1996.

Rosler, Martha. If It's Too Bad to Be True, It Could Be DISINFORMATION, 1985.

Rosler, Martha. Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975.

Serra, Richard. TV Delivers People, 1971.

Tribe, Kerry. Here & Elsewhere, 2002.

Warhol, Any. Empire, 1964.

Web Sites

Brucker-Cohen, Jonah. Coin-op. 2008 (11 February, 2008)

Debatty, Regine. We-Make-Money-Not-Art 2008 (11 February, 2008)

Eyebeam. Eyebeam Reblog 2008 (11 February, 2008)

MTAA. MTAA Reference Resource 2008 (11 February, 2008)

Rhizome. 2008 (11 February, 2008)

Technorati. 2008 (11 February, 2008)

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