Caroline Washburn

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Granoff Exhibition:

My main responsibility for ART//SHOW was creating the online catalogue ( To do this I coordinated with Yo-E and Rob to represent the artists and their works in the same manner as they were during the show in wall text and labels. I also did the photo-documentation for the majority of the works that appear on the website, with some help from Ora while she was sick. I hope to continue to update the site with Ora's video and photo-documentation of the Closing Reception. Aside from the website, I provided some help during installation and de-installation. I worked to help determine placing of works, I made runs to Home Depot etc. with others for supplies, I helped create and install the frame for Lily Rosenquist's piece, and I helped Maria spackle and de-install the Cohen gallery and the project room. 


#Class Exhibition

Co-curated by Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida

Curious Proposition:

The Language of Abstraction presentation

Walking the Line:

Language of Abstraction

In organizing the Language of Abstraction my responsibilities began with discussing the exhibition space with Daniel Stupar. Then as we discussed exhibition display I handled the editing of the audio tack, the writing of the introductory text, and helping Ora organize the speaker issues. We all contributed to installation. I could not be present for documentation of the installation so instead I took care of de-installation and gallery clean up. 

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