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 To view the exhibition in the intended manner please click on the following link to the blog. Then click on "Curatorial Statement" and Follow the "PREVIOUS" and "NEXT" links. Enjoy!

Bits and Pieces: Mosaic Art Today is an online exhibition of seven contemporary mosaics created by various artists from around the world. It explores the commonalities between the works of six very different artists. One of these mosaic artists, Manuel Vega, from New York City stated that

"Today everything is so schlocked out, mass produced, developed for people and doesn't allow people to think on their own, or think creatively. The images are coming so fast that people are not remembering anymore, they are not remembering heritage, the details, history."

Contemporary art has been more spiritless and materialistic than the art of the past. While I do not wish to bash the contemporary art world, when I consider our current reliance on technology it is safe for me to say that a lot of contemporary art has lost an important characteristic: good, old-fashioned hard work. This is part of Vega's message and as an artist he asks himself "How can I make my art forever?" He continues on to say

"Paper is going to have so much of a lifespan, canvas will have so much of a lifespan. With mosaics, it's different. Mosaics, as long as they are well taken care of, they can last thousands of years."

Arranging mosaic tiles into an image can be a science. Artists have even been known to use mathematical equations in order to create intricate patterns. These days detailed works are often designed on a computer first and produced with the use of computer drafting programs. However, the supplies needed to create a simple mosaic are fairly basic, which allows for anyone to be able to enjoy creating mosaic art and that's the beauty of it! Tiles can be purchased, or created from breaking up common household materials like glass and pebbles, or as you will see in this exhibition you can even use more unconventional materials like corks or coins. Grout can be purchased from any home improvement store and can easily be dyed to match colors in the work. Mosaics can serve a great amount of purposes, and can be located in exteriors as well as interiors due to their durability as abovementioned by Vega. Everyday projects such as tabletops, floors, wall pieces, frame decorations etc. and bigger projects such as bathrooms, and kitchens can easily be made in mosaic. Mosaic art is appealing due to its similarities to puzzle making; they are both fun and relaxing. People of all ages can enjoy creating artistic, personal works. Because of the individuality of each small tile, mosaics are extremely unique and no two mosaics are the same.

In the 21st century, mosaic artists worldwide take the challenge of developing new ideas and ways for creating mosaic works of our time. Mosaics are being created daily for galleries, architectural spaces, community and public spaces, as well as home settings. They are particularly amazing because they are simply made by collecting and grouping together materials like tiles and stones. As you will see in some of the detail images of these pieces, individually the materials mean nothing, but when they are each fashioned with a specific purpose and place they are part of an extremely beautiful and significant whole. Mosaics certainly prove that it is possible to transform raw, subjective, and seemingly inert matter into something sophisticated and strong.

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