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The idea for the exhibition came out of dialogue among Professor Tribe, MCM DUG co-chair Jen Vincent, and I. We were hoping to have an exhibition to dedicate to student work. Professor Tribe submitted the proposal to the Granoff Center for the exhibition and we were approved for the exhibition and for the Art of Curating course to put on the exhibition.

• I designed the call for submissions poster, reached out to students in RISD's Digital + Media MFA department. Coordinated with some artists to make sure they submitted in a timely fashion (Eli, Julien, and Liat)

• After selection of the work, I worked with Yo-E to discuss her design of the poster, we collaborated on the diagram of the Granoff center for the brochure. Yo-E and I were also in charge of formatting and installing wall text and after a mishap with the original wall text, we opted for clear adhesive vinyl. Yo-E and I printed promotional posters and left them in the Granoff for people to put up.

• At the closing reception I helped move tables and spoke to artists and visitors to receive feedback.

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