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This film is a response to Youtube member CapnOAwesome's video 'Atheist Jihad,' which he directed against fellow Youtube member VioletKitty411 in an online ideological argument that took place on each other's Youtube profiles. One of the 171 videos he has posted in the past year, CapnOAwesome sits in front of his camera and addresses the Youtube public, presenting his (leftist, secular) political position dressed in a Kufiya, speaking in an imagined Arab accent, instructing his audience to "attack" VioletKitty411's profile by telling her what they think of her.

CapnOAwesome interests me for two reasons. First, his appropriation of jihadi visual and linguistic vocabulary to engage in an unrelated political conversation presents jihad and terrorism as a form of conversation. Secondly, CapnOAwesome is an example of the immense and diverse forum for dialogue Youtube has the potential to be.

To be continued shortly.

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