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poster project: are you free?

Alia Lahlou

am i free?
this is a question i ask myself a lot.
im from morocco, a country that gained independence from french and spanish colonial rule barely fifty years ago. sometimes i feel we are more colonized today than we once were. french schooling remains the preferred educational system for the country's so-called 'elite,' europe is the holiday destination of choice for those who can afford it, and speaking perfect french is more important than perfect arabic. moroccans stand in line for visas at european embassies for hours to be allowed into the continent; europeans need only their passport. i wear my national traditional clothing maybe once a year.
the only way i know how to speak about oppression is in a foreign tongue.

am i free? does it even matter?
think about your story. are you free?

(using photoshop for the first time and trying to find pretty maps of the world circa 1930 and 2009 did not help me answer this question. any suggestions, send my way.)

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