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This project took two hours to film and upload but more time went into the thought process than I can could have imagined. I started out with a desire to use my video to communicate with someone I could not speak to in person. Computers seem to always facilitate difficult conversations, and this was a perfect occasion to do so. I realized if there was anyone whose attention I wanted more than anything, it was my homeland- not any part of it specifically, but its entirety.
It took me days to be satisfied with what I wrote. The whole time I had that stressful feeling- like the one you get when you're in trouble or something really big is about to happen. It's not that I didn't know what to say but more that I couldn't believe I was moving those words from my head to the computer.
To some, the video may not seem radical at all. But it feels like one of the most radical things I've done. There are many difficult conversations to be had, and I feel like I just had one. And it feels so good.

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