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There is nothing more in the true spirit of "viral vids" then blatantly ripping off things that are already popular, so with that in mind, I ripped off what may very well be the most viral video of all time (at least going by Youtube viewcounts) - PSY's Gangnam Style. I made a parody video which purports to translate the lyrics of the song to reveal the hidden political message. There have actually been a number of legitimate pieces online trying to actually do this, because the song apparently mocks a trendy area of Seoul and the materialistic attitude it represents. However, in my version the song is much more political, and in fact consists of excerpts of dense theoretical prose by Slavoj Zizek. This is clearly totally absurd, but among critical theorists, Zizek is probably the closest thing to "viral" - he's a bit of a loose cannon, and has achieved a level of popularity that few public intellectuals - especially ones as abstruse as Zizek - reach.

I also framed the page as an "exposure" of Psy's lyrics, ending with a plea to protect your children from the hidden leftist messages encoded in the song. It is not made clear how the children would receive these messages, given that they (presumably) do not speak Korean.

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