Wide Open Bieber

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With over 800 million views, the most popular video of all time on Youtube (ie. the "most viral") is the music video for Justin Bieber's song "Baby." I'd like to give the people who made that video go viral what they want-- Bieber Baby Utopia. Utopia is central to the internet experience-- the internet is a perfect no-place. The internet keeps clouds in warehouses. Have you ever wondered about the other rooms of Tay Zonday's house? Search for "erotic bieber fan fiction" and you'll get thousands of pages of results. I did my market research, you know. Only the best of the tween tumblr community's Bieber gifs have made the cut. Over the six minutes of "Wide Open Bieber," everything my underserved niche market loves is utilized to try to disassociate the viewers from their physical place and bring them into the utopia they've asked for with their clicks-- nowhere. Are you uncomfortable? Good.

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