What a Crass Presentation!

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by Julian Park

You can download my Power Point presentation on the English anarcho-pacifist punk band Crass here. Note: in order to view the presentation as I designed it, you should download both the presentation itself, and the font I have uploaded called "Crass." It's a pretty good stencil font so you might as well just grab it to have anyway...

The quotes in the presentation all come from Crass Records official website. Specific pages to check out include, Crass Records' biography, Crass's other projects page, especially Thatchergate, Leaflets, and Postcards. I also used the wikipedia pages on Crass and Thatchergate as additional resources. I also included this trailer (minus the advertisements) on Crass, and parts of Christ - The Movie Part 1, in my presentation.

The Thatchergate tape is very difficult to find these days, and to my knowledge its only circulated from these days is the tailed end of the song Powerless With a Guitar, which was released only on an Animal Liberation Front benefit record called Devastate To Liberate. Well, for those of you interested in listening on your own time here is Devastate To Liberate, Powerless With a Guitar, and the Thatchergate tape, as cut from the end of Powerless With a Guitar. For those of you who torrent-here is the entire Crass Records catalogue. My guess is that they won't mind you taking it.

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