Rip Nomney 2012

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On August 30th, 2012, Paul Ryan told Brian Williams that he'd like America "to get to know the real Rip Nomney." After a full month passed without this comment receiving any attention, I decided to take Ryan up on his offer and spearhead the Nomney 2012 campaign.

This piece, though seemingly simple in both design and concept, makes its message clear even in its smallest details. A recognizable image of Mitt Romney was first converted to black and white, then run through a color halftone that retains the appearance of a grayscale image from afar. This coloring choice directly references Romney's incredibly unclear platform and policies. His image is slightly transparent, allowing the American flag to show through just a little bit, because if there's one thing we do know Romney stands for, it's America...! The bottom of the poster contains the slogan, "Vote for a real president." This message is bluntly straightforward on its own and even more so juxtaposed with the poster's imagery-- as Ryan revealed to us, the real Mitt Romney is a fictional entity named Rip Nomney who just does not meet the standards of a real presidential candidate.

I initially intended to manufacture buttons with this design in a reference to the iconic "I Like Ike" pins of Eisenhower's 1951 campaign. Lore tells that this slogan arose from Americans' dislike of actually articulating their views on issues. Much like Eisenhower's supporters, Romney also does not like to articulate his actual views on issues.


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