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Rad Hype: Get The People To The Message

While I usually focus on putting the message into my music, and then getting the music and the message to the people, this takes a lot of extra work. The big bad evil capitalistic world has caused the evolution of a system of marketing where lack of information combined with repeated simple signals proves to brainwash the masses more efficiently than marketing where a more complex message is transferred less often. I originally had planned to share parts of my more radical song lyrics on simple posters to convince the masses to take the time to listen to my songs. However, while working on my album cover parody project in Open Source Culture I decided to move to a new dimension. Using my hip hop company slogan "Get Co.Z" (pronounced "Get Cozy") I'm hoping to create some hype through lack of information rather than presence of it. What the heck is Co.Z? How can I get it? Better go to my website to find out.

I used three tactics to brainwash the public. First, parody of the familiar. I assume my "Keep Calm and Get Co.Z" poster will not only be recognized by the Brown society in particular, I'm excited for high brow hipsters to criticize how "everyone is doing a parody of that, how stupid" at least it will get their attention. The same might be the case for the Rosie the Riveter poster. This poster has usually been related to feminist movements, so feminists looking for a fight might get excited by this new version, seemingly unrelated to feminism. The second tactic I used was repetition: Get Co.Z Get Co.Z Get Co.Z. The third tactic I used was technological integration and accessibility. On two of the posters and all of the Song Cans I used QR scanner graphics so that those two CS kids who actually have a QR reader on their phone can easily listen to my music.

The three posters printed respectively in duplicate have been strategically placed in locations around Brown where I feel they will be most effective at being noticed and hopefully they will eventually be successful as tools for brainwashing and conversion to Co.Z-ness. To be noticed, I hope for certain people to be familiar with the girl Zoë in the posters (theatre type people), or perhaps to be familiar with the original posters (art history type people), or perhaps people that love to be in-on or ahead of the loop (brown university type people).

The Song Cans have been printed in quintuplicate and will be distributed as mini notecard style flyers.

While these posters do not contain traditionally radical ideals or messages, some of the songs they lead to do, and I hope it qualifies as a radical tactic in that the hype is partially stolen and explicitly avoids spreading my message. Being vague may cause more radical interaction that being radical can.

Here is a sample of six of the twenty four Song Cans:

I posted the posters in the Granoff Center, JWW and near the Blue Room. I plan to hang more once I find secure locations. The prints turned out to be fairly nice nd weatherproof to the point I'm worried they would be stolen and I'm getting possessive over them...


I also created two business cards 2.5in squared inspired by this project but not necessary acceptable as a result for the assignment, so I'm just adding these here to share

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