Radical Media Fall 12 - Student Work

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Jack Horkings - dead prezintation

Katarah DaSilva - Jenny Holzer and her "Truisms"


Sarah Brown - Fred Wilson: Juxtaposition & Curation

Lizzie Davis - Cory Arcangel

Kevin Kelly -  Transborder Immigrant Tool from b.a.n.g lab

Suzannah Weiss - Shepard Fairey


Addie Mitchell - Joe Frank


Assignment: Design, print, and distribute a radical poster.

Lizzie Davis - Rip Nomney 2012


Kevin Casto - Building Brown Pricetags

Sarah Brown - Right of Way

Jack Horkings - Radical Hype

Katarah DaSilva - We Still Be Fightin


Addie Mitchell - YOU       CAN'T READ THIS

Suzannah Weiss - When did this become hotter than this?

Kevin Kelly - Tree Tongue

Viral Videos

Assignment: Make a radical video and post it on YouTube. The video with the most views wins. 

Jack Horkings - You Do Drugs Too (Weed In A Blunt)

Suzannah Weiss Romney Obama Debate: What Really Happened

Sarah Brown - Kervesvarsi

Lizzie Davis - Wide Open Bieber

Kevin Kelly - Time Warp Buffoons

Kevin Casto - Zizek Style

Addie Mitchell - Direct

Katarah DaSilva - Shit Radicals Says

Version 1 

Version 2 

Final Projects

 Assignment: Make a radical media project that responds to what you've learned in the course. Your project may take any form, and you may collaborate with others.

Suzannah Weiss - Snug Aardvark

Sarah Brown - Kirvesvarsi


Katarah DaSilva - B.U.T.T.

Kevin Kelly - Immoral Math

Addie Mitchell - Radical Writing (The original Album) 

Kevin Casto + Lizzie Davis - Cookies Ltd.

Jack Horkings - Final ProjectIntroduction to "The Seven Sins EP"

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