Radical Media Fall 09 - Student Work

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Student Work


Give an in-class presentation on one or more radical media project(s) of your choice.

Karynn Ikeda - The Bubble Project


Patrick Nagle - TeleStreet

Alia Lahlou - Radical Graphics/Improv Everywhere

Julian Park - What a Crass Presentation!

Monica Garcia- Sousveillance and Inverse Surveillance

Ariel Hudes - Public Ad Campaign

Crow Jonah Norlander - BORF!

Nic Mooney - Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping

Gabriel Doss - Prisons and Open Source Media

Henderson Shorter - Blek Le Rat

Poster Projects

Assignment: Design, print, and distribute a radical poster. Write a brief artist statement (250-500 words) discussing your intentions, subject matter, and working process.

Karynn Ikeda - American Debts

Ariel Hudes -mission

Nic Mooney - Bodies and Body Parts

Crow Jonah Norlander - Copyrighted

Gabriel Doss- 48 Laws Exposure


Julian Park - who many pigs do you count?

Alia Lahlou - Are You Free?

Henderson Shorter - Your Image is Overrated

Patrick Nagle  -  free art

Nathaniel Levy - The Middle

Monica Garcia- Bannered Visions

Online Video Projects

Assignment: Produce 3-5 minute radical video and upload it to a video sharing site (e.g. Blip.tv, Jumpcut, YouTube). Write a brief artist statement (250-500 words) discussing your intentions, subject matter, and working process.

Ariel Hudes -Sesame Street

Patrick Nagle - Welcome to Google!

Monica Garcia- For What It's Worth

Alia Lahlou -- all i wanna say

Henderson Shorter - Message Force Multipliers

Julian Park - Map Situation

Gabriel Doss - The Politics of Interruption

Crow Jonah Norlander - 1-800-TAGGERS

hahaha :)

Karynn Ikeda - Music Video for Hacking

Nic Mooney - Video Project

Final Projects

Assignment: Work independently or in collaborative groups on a radical media project that explores ideas addressed in the course. If working collaboratively, each member of the group should write a short statement (250-500 words) that discuss the project and details his or her own role in the project.

Dia Barghouti, Karynn Ikeda, Patrick Nagle, & Henderson Shorter - On the Wall

Gabriel Doss, [Tracy Szatan], Crow Jonah Norlander, Monica Garcia, Julian Park  -  Anti-capitalist Group

Nic Mooney -- The Christmas Ham

Ariel Hudes - -"mission" takes new york

Alia Lahlou - What would you say?

Outline |Syllabus | Resources | Production Two Manual | Mediography

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