Radical Media Fall 07 - Syllabus

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MCM1700P: Radical Media
Dept. of Modern Culture and Media
Brown University
Prof. Mark Tribe

Wed 9.5: Introduction

  • Review Course Outline and Syllabus

Mon 9.10: Towards a Definition of Radical Media: Examining the Relationships between Culture and Politics, Content and Tactics.

  • Duncombe, Stephen. "Introduction." Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 1-8.
  • Marx, Karl and Frederick Engels. Selection from The German Ideology. Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 48-49 only.
  • Benjamin, "The Author as Producer." Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 67-81

Wed 9.12: Poster Workshop

Mon 9.17: Theories of Media and Resistance: Participation and Détournement.

  • Student presentation: Triton
  • Reading:
    • Brecht, Bertolt. "The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication." CP.
    • Enzensberger, Hans Magnus. "Constituents of a Theory of the Media." CP.
    • Debord, Guy. The Society of the Spectacle, paragraphs 1-9, 23, 24, 33, 34, 42, 67, 191, 192, 203-210. CP.
    • Viénet, René. "The Situationists and the New Forms of Action Against Politics and Art." CP.
      See also:
    • Baudrillard, Jean. "Requiem for the Media." OCRA.
    • Debord, Guy. "A User's Guide to Détournement." http://www.bopsecrets.org/SI/detourn.htm

Wed 9.19: Poster Studio

9.24: Poster Critique

9.26: Poster Critique

Mon 10.1: Art and Politics: Practicing Cultural Resistance inside and outside the Art World

  • Reading:
    • Critical Art Ensemble. "Resisting the Bunker." CP.
    • Holmes, Brian. "Do-It-Yourself Geopolitics: Cartographies of Art in the World." CP.
    • Price, Seth. "Dispersion." 2002. CP.
    • Cotter, Holland. "The Collective Conscious." New York Times, March 5, 2006. CP.

*Journeys from Berlin/1971. Dir. Yvonne Rainer. 1980.

Wed 10.3: Online Video Workshop

Mon 10.8: No Class (Columbus Day)

Wed 10.10: Online Video Studio

Student presentation: Peter


  • Mayday (Black Panther). Newsreel Collective, 1969.
  • Mayday Realtime. Dir. David Cort. 1971, 59 min.
  • Underground. Dir. Haskell Wexler.

Mon 10.15: Culture Jamming

  • Reading:
    • Hoffman, Abbie. From Revolution for the Hell of It. Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 327-330.
    • Rubin, Jerry. From Do It! Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 330-332
    • Boyd, Andrew. "Truth Is a Virus." Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 369-378
    • Dery, Mark. "Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs." CP.
    • Autonome a.f.r.i.k.a. "What is Communication Guerilla?" Anarchitexts, pp. 86- 91.
      See also:
    • Branwyn, Gareth. Jamming the Media. San Francisco: Chronicle, 1997. On reserve.


  1. The Yes Men. Dir. Dan Ollman, Sarah Price, Chris Smith. Yes Men Films, 2003.

Wed 10.17: Online Video Studio

  • Student presentation: Aaron

Mon 10.22: Online Video Critique


  • The Bus. Dir. Haskell Wexler.
  • Four More Years. TVTV.

Wed 10.24: Online Video Critique

Mon 10.29: Tactical Media

  • Student presentation: Kiera
  • Reading:
    • Bey, Hakim. Selections from T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone. Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 113-118
    • Garcia, David and Geert Lovink. "The ABC of Tactical Media." Anarchitexts, pp. 107-110.
    • Blissett, Luther. "The XYZ of Net Activism. Anarchitexts, pp. 92-97.
    • Richardson, Joanne. "The Language of Tactical Media." Anarchitexts, pp. 123-128.
    • Certeau, Michel de. "General Introduction." The Practice of Everyday Life, pp. xi - xxiv.
    • Martin, Nathan. "Parasites and Other Forms of Tactical Augmentation." Anarchitexts, pp. 115-122.
    • Wark, McKenzie. "On the Tactic of Tactics." Anarchitexts, pp. 138-140.
    • Guerrero, Frank (RTMark) interviewed by Sylvie Mayerson, with Vidyut Jain. "The Art of Confusion." Anarchitexts, pp. 129-133.


  • The Corporation. Dir. Mark Archbar, Jennifer Abbott, and Joel Bakan. Big Picture Media, 2004.

Wed 10.31: Group Project Workshop

Mon 11.5: Hacktivism

  • Student presentation: Sarah
  • Reading:
    • Critical Art Ensemble. "Electronic Civil Disobedience." CP.
    • Galloway, Alexander. "Possibility." Anarchitexts, pp. 284-286.
    • Dominguez, "Electronic Disturbance." Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 379-396.
    • Wark, McKenzie. "A Hacker Manifesto." Anarchitexts, pp. 344-357.


  • For Life, Against the War. Filmmakers Cooperative, 1967.
  • For Life, Against the War... Again! Filmmakers Cooperative, 2007.

Wed 11.7: Group Project Studio

  • Student presentation: Helena

Mon 11.12: Reactionary Media

  • Reading:
    • Atton. An Alternative Internet. Chapter 3: "Far-right Media on the Internet: Culture, Discourse, and Power," pp. 61-71. Photocopy to be distributed.
    • Khatchadourian, Raffi. "Azzam the American: The Making of an Al Qaeda Homegrown." CP.
    • Garcia, David. "Islam and Tactical Media in Amsterdam." Anarchitexts, pp. 111-114.
    • Kimmage, Daniel and Kathleen Ridolfo. Selections from Iraqi Insurgent Media: The War of Ideas and Images. CP.


  • Investigation of a Flame. Dir. Lynne Sachs.

Wed 11.14: Group Project Studio

  • Student presentation: Adam
  • Guest Lecture: Lynne Sachs

Mon 11.19: Group Project Critique

Wed 11.21: No Class (Thanksgiving Break - Enjoy a Turkey or Turkey Substitute)

Mon 11.26: Radical Media Doesn't Work: Recuperation, Immediatism, and Anti-Technologies of Resistance

  • Student presentation: Robin
  • Reading:
    • Jordan, "The Art of Necessity." Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 347-349.
    • Frank, "Why Johnny Can't Dissent." Cultural Resistance Reader, pp. 316-327.
    • Bey, Hakim. "Immediatism" and "Involution." CP.
    • Brener, Alexander and Barbara Schurz. "Anti-Technologies of Resistance." Anarchitexts, pp. 29-33


  • Why We Fight. Dir. William Jarecki. BBC Storyville, 2005.

    Wed 11.28: Open Project Workshop

  • Student presentation: Patrick

Mon 12.3: Open Project Studio

  • Student presentation: Helena

Wed 12.5: Open Project Studio

  • Student presentation: ____________

Mon 12.10: Open Project Critique

Wed 12.12: Open Project Critique

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