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Message Force Multipliers

Artist Statement

For this video project, I have engaged a contemporary issue in American media, and critiqued it using excerpts from Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle.

The goal of the work is twofold. Firstly, I wanted to emphasize the message delivered by the figure. Dissolving the image emphasizes the content of the film: a critique of the media. The content itself is intended to provoke questions of the American news corporation's legitimacy, particularly with regards to its practices and its diligence in 'creating' news. It is also intended to re-invigorate questions on the government's relation and role with the news media.

Secondly, the formal elements of the film represent the careful orchestration of information conveyed by the Pentagon's message force multipliers. The composition of the screen, the details of the figure's dress and manners, and the existence of the shadow all convey this sense of purposiveness. In this regard, the film references Edward R. Murrow's broadcast, Hear It Now (a reference inspired by the recent film Good Night and Good Luck). The fact that the actor in this film is smoking while mediating information is intended to ask: what is politically correct in the American media?


Barstow, David. "Behind TV, Pentagon's Hidden Hand." The New York Times (April

20, 2008): 29 Oct. 2009.

Debord, Guy. Society of the Spectacle. London: Rebel Press.

Rubin, Jerry. "Do It!". In Cultural Resistance Reader. Ed. Stephen Duncombe. New

York: Verso, 2002.

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