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My video follows two narratives. The first is an assortment of youtube videos I have collected regarding the making and use of axes. These videos begin with production and generally move into the uses of axes. The employment of the axe becomes gradually more violent. At the conclusion (as the other narrative shifts)I focus on the use of axes to save lives.

The second narrative is “animated.” I use jpeg stills to create a narrative of a man who decides he wants a computer, gets a job to purchase one, uses it a lot, gets burned out on it, then goes about his business. Then he has an idea. He takes this idea and produces something on his computer he is proud of.

My initial idea was to make a movie centered on a particular object. From there I decided to construct a secondary narrative that brings up the issue of technological determinism (like the ax, the computer can be used to many ends, ranging from the recreational to the necessary, the neutral to the extremely violent).

While I was putting it together a third narrative about work and our relationships to objects emerged. I think theses are actually the strongest moments. They occur most prevelantly at the start.

When I revisit this project i would like to shorten it considerably (to roughly four minutes), clean up the audio, and create more interesting juxtapositions between the narratives throuhgout the second half.

The audio track is Mishima performed by Brooklyn Rider.

The title, Kirvesvarsi, is Finnish for ax handle.

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