Jacob Richman

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Jacob Richman is a mixed-media composer whose work explorers the relationship between sight and sound in live performance.  His pieces mix live-processed moving images (film and video), music, and sound to create interactive, multimedia settings in which performers can interact.

Jacob's use of mixed-media is always in an attempt to express a certain subject or experience to which he is deeply drawn.  The particular relationships between sound and image, such as movement, tempo, subject matter, as well as the media and performers he chooses to work with depend on these subjects.  At this point they have included such disparate things as a favorite poem, an old lullaby, Sardinian folk singing, and a herd of elk.

He is fascinated by what he sees in his subjects as the interconnectedness of things: people with places, sounds with textures, humans with animals, plants and the natural world.
He feels that exploring the relationships between sounds and images in performance is an effective way to both investigate and convey these greater inherent connections that  surround us.

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