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Aaron Perry-Zucker

RISD is in a bubble. This has benefits, like always being surrounded by people passionate about their work, but it also has drawbacks. The biggest one that has bothered me is that very few people in the RISD community are aware of the world outside of the bubble. The week that the President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad was the week I was finishing my poster and my roommate asked if it I really thought that it was true that RISD students are ignorant of world events. I asked her quickly who Mahmoud Ahmadenijad was and she had no idea.
I chose to take an ironic stand point on this view by making the point that there could be an enormous crime wave on campus and RISD students would be completely unaware of it; to the point that they could be using the newspaper carrying the headline as a covering to protect the floor from paint.  This obviously clashes with the main message, that RISD students are only aware of what is going on in the RISD community, but I felt it was necessary to overlook that detail in order to achieve shock value and further a broader message, "RISD students are unaware of their surroundings."


Using almost 3 dozen photoshop layers (the final file size was nearing 1.4 GB) the transformation from the original image from the photo shoot to the final poster took 4 days. In addition to general image enhancement designed to draw the eye towards the headline, paint splatter was added to simulate the effect that it had, in fact, been used under an easel. The most tedious task, however, was the replacement of every headline and body copy on the main page. On top of the photoshop file was added the message "Get out of the studio and pick up a newspaper" which turned the original observation about RISD life into an authoritative command. This sentiment was echoed numerous times in the tiny, but legible body copy of the newspaper.

The final printed poster was hung in four locations of the RISD campus; the mail room, the illustration building, between the elevators in the largest dorm building, 15 West, and in the textiles and painting department in the College Building. Most were down within 3 or 4 days. It is, of course, hard to gauge if the poster had any impact at all, but I can hope that some people were effected and that they were taken down by admirers and now hang in someone's room.

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