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"The Seven Sins EP" Introduction Video

My final project is a promotional videos for a socially and religiously critical hip hop album. The shamelessness of the self promotion, the critique of religion and society, the attempt at clarity of message, and the Google imagery of Muhammad are radical elements of the video, while it being a promotional video on YouTube posted on Facebook with links to other ways to consume and share the message make it contemporary digital media.

My goals were to present the lyrics to the song in a visually appealing way, and also to generate interest in the lyrics and overall concept of teh album by curating a sample of it's contents.

Originally I had planned to release an album called "Comfortable Ignorance" about mainstream education (pop culture) verses luxury education (institutional college/university culture), in the style of hip pop trap, however I've decided to put the project off and devote more time to it next year. I did record a number of songs before changing my final project plans, and you can listen to them until I take them down and kill the links.

1. Ignant Anthem

Entertaining song with paradoxically clever stupid lyrical content.

2. You Do Drugs Too

Catchy song about awareness of drug habits and expansion on the definition of drugs.

3. Like The Government

Political song about certain traits of the government.

4. Pop

Pretty song about music becoming popular, but not necessarily hating that.

5. Chantin'

Dark song about chanting rap lyrics in a mindless trance because it's like a prayer.

6. You Know It

Fast song about how it's okay to repeat simple mindless lyrics a lot and call it a song.

7. Cow Patty Talk

Funny song about how rappers tend to be lying when they say they don't lie.

Songs I have planned or written but not yet recorded include one about religion (and science/ateism as religion) as well as institutional critique of white collar education.

Lyrical video introduction to "The Seven Sins EP" concept album.

My exploration in Radical Media was focussed on ways to make art media more radically effective in transmitting a signal/message through the noise that is reality. Therefore, while I'm sure my project could be more politically charged, I would rather begin slightly less radically political projects and use radical media tactics to effectively convey the message and sustain the relevance.

I decided to practice creating a lyrics video as I feel it is a nice way to appeal to different preferences. For the audiophiles, the sound is mixed and already prepared for consumption, for whiny political theorists and academics there are words to read and problematize away, for shallow fans of spectacle and passive entertainment, there is a video of shapes and colors moving to sound, yay. 

"The Seven Sins EP" is installment one in a three part trilogy about the contemporary roles of vestigial religious rules and teachings in a secularizing global village. This song is the introduction song which features sampled sounds to introduce the vocalist Jack the Ripper and the producer the Mad Psyentist, followed by a verse briefly previewing the tone of the album and its focus on socioreligious political ideas.

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