Final Project - Kirvesvarsi

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For my final project I revisited my video. It is an illustration of recognition memory composed of fifteen youtube videos that feature axes. I titled the project Kirvevarsi, which is Finnish for axe handle. The name comes from one of the clips. I thought it was especially fitting after reading a metaphor about needing an axe to make an axe handle in Frederic Jameson’s The Political Unconscious (a fact of construction demonstrated in a couple of these clips). Using the axe as my object was initailly a semi-arbitrary choice, but the notion that it is necessary for self replication plays well with the message about the complex memory associations that everyday cognitive tasks depend upon.

I made some changes to the original video based on feedback from my classmates. I elongated the text clips so they woud be easier to read. I fixed the quaility of many of the clips I was using (I actually recaptured all of them, so in addition to being cleaner many of them are slightly different). I changed the order and duration of the clips so as to creat a stronger relationship between video and text, but kept the palindromic structure.

The finished video is 3 minutes and 18 seconds. It is set to Brooklyn Rider’s recording of Philip Glass’s Mishima, “Closing.”  

The final part of my project is to submit it.

Reel 13, an independent film show on New York’s PB station has a weekly contest for films under eight minutes for their website. Submission is an online form and upload.

The Yellow Peril Gallery in Providence accepts submissions in a variety of media, via disc  in the mail.

Art for the Homeless is a monthly webzine that features some video online. I am less sure about this one and will look into it further.

I am also hoping more opportunities will become available in the spring.

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