Candidate Ads and The First Amendment

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The idea for this project, and the information the makes it up came from one of my favorite website, They are a website that simply monitors the political arena and has teams of researchers comb political speeches and advertising and compare figures and other such data stated as fact by politicians with their own research and then they publish wherever the two deviate. I think that this is an incredibly vital function that the mainstream media does not perform, yet which is essential for a healthy democracy.

I came across this article (link to article will be posted shortly) while struggling to find a topic for this video (a medium I rarely deal with) and was very intrigued by the subject; it tried to explain how, because of equal time laws and the First Amendment, candidates running for office were allowed to distort facts in their advertising and that this practice was in fact legally protected. I felt that the article was interesting and stimulating but not a very easy or fun read; the kind of person that would be fooled by political adds would not take the time to read it most likely. I set out to communicate the ideas of the article through a video.

Shot on my floor. 

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