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Artist Statement

by Chris Erway, Deanna Havas, Stephan Eloise Gras, Stephen Poletto, and Sebastian Gallese
e-mail: contact AT is a web based platform for multi-media collage and collaboration. provides a versatile environment for creative expression free from the confines of web formatting inherent in Web 2.0 mediums (e.g., blogs, wikis, feeds). It allows the user to aggregate and organize images, audio, and text on the web.

By directly connecting media to your browser, as opposed hosting it ourselves, we do not alter the ownership dynamic between the user and the media source. Since we do not personally host the content, we circumvent some issues regarding media ownership. does not bind a user to a Terms of Service agreement which discriminates against content. 

The canvas was designed with an intent of sharing "plots" with other users via unique names. While anybody can access any plot with knowledge of a plot's url, one can lock a plot from editing with a password. Nevertheless, to encourage modification, any user can copy a plot's content to a new, editable plot. 

Lastly, the simple visual layout attempts to minimally interfere with the direction or concept of the user. Instead of confining media to a static location, the minimal design allows the user to move content on the canvas, and resize, rotate, and move content up and down layers.

Example Collages

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Blue Prints

Video Tutorial
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Your browser should support HTML 5. This includes the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


You can check out our Subversion repository: Hello-Media

Screenshots of Collages

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