World War 3D - Production Package

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Attention all Jihadists! 

  • Tired of boring insurgent videos?
  • American News more sensational than real life?
  • Don't be left in the dust behind a superior simulacrum!


  • Ideology is nothing if not backed with explosive propaganda.
  • Audiences are desensitized to violence.
  • Reality doesn't measure up to hyper-reality.

The future is here!

  • With our simple open source program, your war footage will literally jump of the screen!
  • Follow these easy steps!

Production Package Includes:

1) Insurgent Footage

  • Begin with your own video tapes!
  • Or, use our vast Jihadist archives!

2) 3D Glasses

  • Drop from an airplane, or hand out door to door!

3) Final Cut Pro Instructional

  • Two easy steps to make your footage 3D! 

4) Share online!

  • See our amazing example videos!

1) Insurgent Footage

Regular Jihadist footage from Iraq.

  1. Use your own footage!
  2. Or, use footage from these fabulous open source archives:
    1. Free Video Archive.
    2. Islamic Militant Video Source.
  3. Once you download your war footage, you're one step closer to making it jump off the screen!

2) 3D Glasses

Fantastic 3D glasses.

  1. Purchase 3D glasses by unit at your local novelty shop.
  2. Or, buy in bulk online at

3) Final Cut Pro Instructional

Easy as these simple steps!

  1. Upload your war footage into Final Cut Pro
  2. Place your video in the timeline, then double click
  3. Add two filters:
    1. Desaturate - this will make your footage black and white
      1. Set to 100%
    2. Channel Offset - this will offset individual color channels, necessary for the 3D effect
      1. Channel - set to red
      2. Center Offset - set to 20 in the horizontal dialog box, 0 in the vertical dialog box
      3. Edges - set to wrap
  4. Render your footage, and export!

Make your filter toolbar look like this.

4) Share

  1. Burn your videos to DVD
  2. Broadcast them directly onto television
  3. Re-post them back to or
  4. Or share on or

Now your Jihadist war footage is hyper-real!

No longer will the American simulation machine outdo your propaganda!

Sensational news broadcasts are a thing of the past - with World War 3D your reality will be realer than real - it will JUMP OFF THE SCREEN!


Example number one.

Example number two.

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