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In Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills (1977-1980) she poses herself as various vague stereotypes in Hollywood B-movies.  What I'm interested in exploring with Untitled Film .GIFs is how the medium of photography has changed, specifically when trying to convey the message of an entire film with a single image and how art photographs are reproduced for wider distribution, as well as appropriation via "upgrade."  On the website "If We Don't, Remember Me" we see the newest and trendiest form of a "Film Still," the cinemagraph.  Cinemagraph is a term trademarked by fashion photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.  They are seamless loops of moving images created by masking areas of a video that are to remain still and reversing and repeating the motion in the other areas.  I'm implying with this work that in order to "keep up" with our culture, Cindy Sherman's work should be animated in the same fashion.  I'm also reformatting the images into a form that is common on blogs and social news websites (the animated .GIF), a realm where images tend to run amok and authorship is lost almost immediately.  More people see the image, but no one knows who made it (and everyone who posts it claims it was them).  Animated .GIFs also embrace the Web's ability to have more dynamic (moving) content than magazines and books.  It's a logical step towards a more immersive experience.  The technology and distribution network is in place, so it's only logical that Cindy Sherman would want me to update her work, right?

cinemagraph example:

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