The Enclosure of Nature

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The Enclosure of Nature - Maria Krezia


But how exactly shall we know this greater good?
A utilitarian theory of exclusive rights allows for a taking from or enclosure of cultural commons in the near term so as to create a larger and richer commons in the long term.

(Lewis Hyde, The enclosure of culture. 2010, p.49) 

The enclosure of nature appears to be a given today. Why is it that we fight more for our rights than for those of nature? Why did it take so long to make the importance of nature and its systematic depletion apparent?

Why is it that nature was not our first priority? 

From the moment we come into being we appropriate life. From the cells and nutrients in our mothers womb, to the oxygen and sun around us. Nature is crucial to our survival. Nature IS mother earth and everything created by her is equally important. Why do we protect our creations and not the creations of nature? What makes us more important? Why do we enclose nature for our self-serving purposes and/or for our entertainment?

We lock animas in cages and display them, for protection, research and profit. We are making nature into a commodity, we are claiming it our property and exploiting it for more than our survival.

 The ecosystem operates on an evolutionary system, which, without the meddling human hand, would allow nature to follow its course. We have created the imbalance in nature, wherein animals’ basic survival instincts cannot deal with man’s various forms of appropriation and enclosure.

When shall we reach the “long term “ phase that will bring us to the point in our time in history where the commons will be enriched and free?

 What is this greater good we fight for?


Found images from the web. The polar bear image was appropriated fromAurora Photos.

The image of the penguin was appropriated from tripadvisor.

The image of the sea lion was appropriated from flickr.

The image of the water bottle was appropriated from fontis water.


My image is a result of photomontage or digital collage. I used Photoshop in order to cut and paste the images i appropriated. First I cut the facede of the water bottle. Then i prceeded to select and cut the part of the image i wanted from the polar bear image. I pasted the selection on the water bottle image and used free transform to scale and warp the image so that it would appear the polar bear is inside the water bottle. I followed the exact same process with the image of th esea lion and penguin. After i had saved the images i created a new canvas on which i pasted the water bottles with the animal images inside. I repeatedly paste the images and used free transform to adjust each bottle's size.  

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